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Snugpak Jungle blanket

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Condition: A - As new
Brand: Snugpak
Code: BL-0314

Introducing the Snugpak Jungle Blanket - your ultimate travel companion for warmth and comfort on chilly nights. Engineered with Travelsoft Insulation, this lightweight and less bulky blanket offers exceptional performance, making it the perfect addition to your camping gear. Featuring high-loft fibres, the Jungle Blanket provides superior insulation even after being compressed into a small and compact size, making it an ideal choice for lightweight travel. The blanket is also equipped with antibacterial and anti-microbial properties, ensuring that it stays fresh and hygienic, even after prolonged use. With its windproof and water-resistant design, the Jungle Blanket will keep you warm and dry in the harshest of conditions, making it a must-have item for emergencies or impromptu outdoor adventures. So why wait? Get your hands on the Snugpak Jungle Blanket today and stay cosy on all your outdoor escapades! Weight: 700g Dimensions STD: 163x193cm Pack Size: 15x15cm Lightweight, windproof

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